Address Finder

Locate addresses within the City of Glendale using an interactive search.

Address Point Extraction

Retrieve address information within a user defined area - with the ability to export addresses to an Excel table or PDF Mailer.

Aerial Imagery and Boundaries with Aerial Swipe

Compare imagery over time from 1999-2020. Also included are various City boundaries.


Displays varous boundaries within the City including city limits, City Council districts, and Census areas.

Downtown Map Tour

View local destinations through a guided photo map tour.

My Glendale Services

Identify city services in your area including trash/recycling pickup, library locations, public safety locations and more.

Neighborhood Perspective

Access to City of Glendale Neighborhood Information and Local Perspective.

Park Finder

View park locations across Glendale including hours of operation and amenities.

Planning Interactive Map

Planing Interactive Map for the City of Glendale, Arizona.